GMS 2016

April 27, 2016
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April 27, 2016


4:00 p.m.
Keynote session & Pechacucha

6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Pre-awards reception

7:15 p.m.
Awards Show & Dinner


City View at Metreon
135 4th St (Mission & 4th)
Suite #4000 – 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Game Marketing
Game Marketing Symposium 201​6
​April 27, 2016 San Francisco



What do you mean by a Game Marketing Association Symposium & Awards show for 2016?

This year, we’ll have a GMA Symposium, which is a mini-summit including popular sessions like an inspiring keynote address and the favorite Pecha Kucha session. The Symposium leads into a cocktail event and an enhanced GMA Awards show.

Why should I attend the GMA Symposium & Awards show this year?

The GMA Symposium & Awards will be a must-attend evening gala! As always, we’ll have a multitude of networking opportunities while celebrating the best in games marketing. Plus, we’ll have high quality Symposium content including the fan favorite Pecha Kucha session, a ground-breaking keynote speaker and high caliber awards show entertainment. Additionally, your GMA Symposium & Awards show ticket in 2016 will also grant you 1-year membership access to new GMA initiatives including mentorship programs, professional development initiatives, and various networking salons surrounding industry events.

What do you expect the reimagined 2017 GMA Summit to include?

We’re still working on the rebranding efforts and want to discuss Game Marketing Association partner goals before finalizing the strategy for 2017. We’ll be in touch soon with more details.

Why are you changing the name from Game Marketing Summit to Game Marketing Association?

Game Marketing Association allows us to have a unified brand for both Game Marketing Summit & Game Marketing Awards. It also aligns with our vision of having deeper marketing community engagement throughout the year as opposed to a singular summit.

Why did you choose PromaxBDA as an event partner?

PromaxBDA offers expertise in our rapidly evolving industry, and across the wider field of entertainment marketing. Not only do they have a proven track record in producing amazing shows, we’re excited to have a partner that’s passionate about relaunching GMS as an organization that strives for community. With a shared vision of inspiring creativity, driving innovation and professional growth while honoring excellence, PromaxBDA is a natural fit for the relaunch of Game Marketing Association.

Did you talk to other potential event partners besides PromaxBDA?

Yes, the Board of Directors spoke with a number of potential event partners before finalizing an agreement with PromaxBDA.

Why is there not a full Game Marketing Summit in 2016?

We decided not to produce a full Game Marketing Summit this year, as we’d prefer to have a deeper understanding of our member goals before relaunching the show. Additionally, in order to truly revamp the experience, we wanted more time to truly innovate and execute successfully.

What type of GMA community engagement endeavors do you envision?

Our goal is to build a deeper relationship across our game marketing community, with an organization that engages our members throughout the year at key touchpoints, as opposed to having just one annual conference.

As part of attendance at GMA Symposium & Awards show, you mention new opportunities for member engagement. What are these?

We’re looking forward to launching various initiatives tailored to the games industry, including mentorship and professional development programs. We’re also planning to produce various networking salons surrounding industry events. We’ll be in touch soon as we develop specific details around these initiatives.

Why are you charging less for GMA Symposium & Awards show attendance this year?

In the past the ticket price included an all-day Game Marketing Summit and the evening Awards show. After much consideration, we have priced the 2016 tickets at a lower rate due to the compressed content, while still allowing for high event production value.

In the past we were able to work out package deals for larger staff attendance with special pricing. Will you be offering this for the GMA Symposium & Awards show this year?

We will try and work out deals for those committing to larger groups of attendees.

What type of sponsorship programs are available for the GMA Symposium & Awards show this year?

We will have a variety of available sponsorship opportunities surrounding the GMA Symposium & Awards. We’ll be in touch soon with details on available sponsorship opportunities.


Please contact:
Tel. +1 310.789.1585, +1 310.789.1508 or +1 310.789.1502
Fax. +1 310.788.7616



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