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The only event created exclusively for television station marketing and promotion professionals. With every network, syndicator, and major station group gathered under one roof, Station Summit is the can't miss event of the year.

Each day of Station Summit 2018 is devoted to a different element that makes up your station brand.


2018 partners include: ABC, CW, CBS, Fox, NBC. 
Please note: The CW network meeting is on Thursday, June 28th

Get the latest tools and strategies during this day of face-to-face meetings with your network. Maximize the impact of new programming and initiatives, learn strategy for the Summer and Fall, and leverage those ideas into growing your local audience. Please check with your network for your specific schedule.


2018 partners include: 20th Television, CBS Television Distribution, Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution, Debmar-Mercury, Entertainment Studios, NBCUniversal Television Distribution, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros.

Here's your opportunity to visit with syndication partners. Discover strategies and ideas for building audience in critical dayparts. See plans for the launch of new programming, and learn best practices on returning shows.


Discover sessions tailored specifically for the unique needs of station marketing professionals,​ including digital best practices, the craft of marketing, and leadership development. Then celebrate the creativity and innovation of our industry as we present the Gold at the PromaxBDA Awards Ceremony.

Please note: the CW network meeting will be today from 2:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m., not on Tuesday's Network Day.


Many of the leading stations groups will host meetings. Check with your group


The World's Best Brands Are Here


Check back regularly for Station Summit 2018 session updates.

Battle of the Promo Superstars

The Superstars are back! You told us how much you loved this session in past years. Now we're back in 2018 with a new Battle and a new band of courageous Superstars. The same ground rules apply: our Superstars are given the exact same news story (TSR), along with a tight deadline to turn around a complete multiplatform promo package. It's up to you to compare and contrast how each Superstar rises to the creative challenge. How will the teams handle music, voice-over, copy, and editorial and creative direction . . . for the same story? Let the battle begin!

David Baumann, Marketing and Creative Director, Stephen Arnold Music

Alissa Frick, VP, Creative Services & New Media, WTXF, Philadelphia
Diane Hannes, VP, Creative Services, WMAQ, Chicago
Tim Sarquis, Creative Services Director, KFSN, Fresno
Drew Sidener, VP, Creative Services Director, KCNC, Denver

Hashtag Our Stories

In today's shifting media landscape, the audience can often be your greatest video content creators. People trust people more than brands on their social media timelines. So how do we tell a story when we're no longer the ones holding the camera? Former CNN Senior Social Media Reporter Yusuf Omar and social media consultant Sumaiya Omar founded Hashtag Our Stories to engage and inform, empowering mobile storytellers to bring about reform. Now they're here to share examples from across the globe of how online communities are creating stories and solutions. See firsthand how the phone has become the ultimate communication tool. Find out why the social media audience doesn't just want to witness the world; they want to change it.

Sumaiya Omar, Co-Founder, Hashtag Our Stories
Yusuf Omar, Journalist & Co-Founder, Hashtag Our Stories

Inside Facebook Journalism Project: 2018 Priorities for News and Video

Josh Mabry joins us from Facebook's Local News Partnerships team to share an update on the Facebook Journalism Project. Take an in-depth look at the platform's 2018 priorities for news, and see how publishers are using video to build community and tell stories on Facebook and Instagram. Josh will be joined by Mashaal Mir from AJ+, the online news and current events channel run by Al Jazeera Media Network. This influential publisher is ready to share some thought-provoking insights around social video strategy on Facebook.

Sue Ramsett, Vice President and General Manager, KWQC, Davenport, IA

Josh Mabry, Local News Partnerships, Facebook
Mashaal Mir, Producer, AJ+

Micki Byrnes: Lessons to Lead By

Sometimes the best way to grow your management skills and reach your career potential is to listen to someone who's done it in spectacular style. As the only woman on a 12-person sports crew covering events for a small station in Worcester, Massachusetts, Micki Byrnes was known as "Swish-Pan Byrnes." Today, along with improving her camera work, Micki has significantly increased her responsibilities as the President and General manager of WKYC, the TEGNA station in Cleveland. Micki's path to the top wasn't straightforward: She crisscrossed the country from Atlanta to San Francisco, learning hard lessons along the way, before landing in Cleveland and moving up from marketing director to station manager to general manager. How'd she do it? In this insightful, interactive session, Micki will share the secrets of her leadership and why marketers are so well-served to lead in today's disrupted landscape.

Meredith Conte, VP, Marketing, TEGNA Media

Micki Byrnes, President & General Manager, WKYC, Cleveland

Spending Smarter: Get More ROI from Your Marketing Dollar

What are you doing to engage your audience on social media? Do you still use traditional media? In a world of infinite content and limited attention spans, does your message get where it needs to go? Or do you "spray and pray" your media dollars? Let's get smart. Leverage the science of viral and multiscreen behaviors, and learn the best paid marketing strategies for your station. Discover the latest targeting techniques, find out how and when to deploy ads, and review examples of the powerful creative videos that drive viewing. This nuts-and-bolts session will show you how to engage social audiences and convert them into viewers.

Ashley Colette Gonzalez, Brand Strategist, Dose Media
Emerson Spartz, Founder, Dose Media

Stuff Great Leaders Always Do (and One Thing They’d Never Do)

You have a difficult job with a lot of responsibilities in a business undergoing massive change. You're also ambitious with a drive to accomplish things and grow. Now you need to learn how be an effective leader and grow your career at the same time. See how to build strong relationships within your department and forge productive bonds with other departments. Find out how to partner with News and Sales. Dazzle the boss—or better yet, become the boss. We'll explore real-life examples of leaders who started out with no clue how to lead. You'll leave this session with five tangible, actionable things that will help you become a truly effective leader. And one thing to avoid at all cost. Assuming, of course, you want to be among the best.

Alan Schnur, Founder, The Schnur Group

Topical Promos That Kick Butt!

Put your phone down and listen up please. There was a time when producing a good topical promo was all we thought about—great news story, expertly “teased” during lead-in programming, bam, results! Today, the lowly topical promo often gets lost in the shuffle of time-shifted viewing, OTT, and every other distraction. The key to growing your audience has shifted, too: it's all about viewer retention. Now, get back to the essentials in this tease-writing workshop, packed with actual examples and designed to help you master the basics of holding onto your viewers. You'll see exactly what to do and what to avoid. Crisp writing, sound, and visual selections are all key. Lace up your butt-kickin' shoes, and let's do this!

Greg Derkowski, Audience Retention Specialist, 602 Communications

When Disaster Strikes: A Survival Guide

Last year, stations across the country endured a crisis that challenged every aspect of their business—from hurricanes and wildfires to floods and mass casualty events. When disaster strikes, do you have a plan? Do all of your departments know their roles? Stop wondering and get the facts. You'll hear best practices for emergency planning and leave with a list of action items and knowledge you can bring back to your station. This is your how-to handbook on how to be ready to serve your audience, save lives, and keep people safe.

Larry Shenosky, Professional Services Manager, Cutting Edge

When Worlds Collide: Content and Marketing Convergence

Get ready to rock your world. The traditional lines between marketing and content are not just blurred—they're gone. We must disrupt our institutional thinking and our conventional workflows in order to remain relevant! Learn how to get "unstuck" in the new minute-by-minute consumption economy, where platform-specific content and marketing must evolve throughout the day. See how to reshape relationships and workflows into new content partnerships. Now, imagine a new world at your station, open and collaborative, free of the boundaries between news and promo. Ready to go there? The time is now.

Larry Rickel, President & CEO, The Broadcast Image Group

Workshop—Hashtag Our Stories

This morning in their information-packed keynote presentation, former CNN Senior Social Media Reporter Yusuf Omar and social media consultant Sumaiya Omar demonstrated how the audience can often be your greatest video content creators. Now, in this hands-on workshop, learn how to hashtag YOUR stories. See firsthand how the phone has become the ultimate communication tool. Find out how to unleash the power in your pocket. Then join the social media conversation in your market and help change the world. (Two times available for your convenience. Same content presented during each workshop)

Sumaiya Omar, Co-Founder, Hashtag Our Stories
Yusuf Omar, Journalist & Co-Founder, Hashtag Our Stories

Zero Budget: Doing More with Nothing

Last year saw the smash debut of our Station Summit signature showcase Zero Budget Magic. This year, the promo wizards are back with even more top-flight work from all over the broadcasting world. And once again, just like magic, these highly creative campaigns were pulled off with no budget! You’ve seen State of Our Art with the very best marketing and creative services on the planet, where money is often no object. Now, get your feet back on the ground with budget-friendly inspiration. You never know where your next great idea will come from!

Rick Lewchuk, SVP, Creative Marketing and Brand Standards, CNN Worldwide
Jessica Rappaport, VP, Marketing, E. W. Scripps Company

Sessions subject to change. Contact conference@promaxbda.org or membership@promaxbda.org if you have specific questions about the event.


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