Don't bother me, I'm busy watching the show that you're trying to get me to watch: Such is the paradox of marketing in the age of binge viewing. With the decline of appointment viewing and the rise of binging, marketers have lost the advantage of urgency in their campaigns. Control is clearly now with the viewer in terms of where and when they watch. So how do you capture the attention of the audience? How much brand integration can you incorporate without detracting from the show? When does second-screen and added-value content add to the story, and when is it just noise? It's time to examine, in the age of binge viewing, the new best practices.

Zachary Rosenberg, EVP, Chief Growth Officer, Horizon Media, Inc.

Walter Levitt, CMO, Comedy Central
Dr. Ray Pettit, Chief Analytics Officer, Rentrak
Mindy Stockfield, SVP, Marketing, MTV

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