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FRESH/REFRESH: SuperEstudio Spiffs Up Film Zone

by User Not Found | Feb 14, 2013

By Justin W. Sanders

After fully rebranding the channel in 2009, SuperEstudio returned recently to refresh the look of Fox Latin America’s Film Zone with some spiffy new 2D and 3D animations. Read on for some highlights from the project.

Creative: Fox Latin America, concept and design; SuperEstudio, network package design and original production, 3D and 2D animation.

Campaign Led By: Andre Takeda, VP of creative services, Fox Latin America; Soledad Podesta, creative director, Fox Latin America; Nicolás Sarsotti, art director, Fox Latin America; Juan Mariano Sola, CMO, Laptv/Film Zone; Juan Mascali, director of creative services, Laptv/Film Zone; Ezequiel Rormoser, creative director, SuperEstudio.

Target Audience: Men and Women 18-49

Objective: To renovate and improve Film Zone’s promotional design and animation by reinforcing the concept of good stories, all while preserving the avante-garde simplicity of the channel’s 2009 rebrand.

Steps Taken: Dominated by a bold, brightly hued font and a cheerful, circular logo, the radical 2009 overhaul of Fox International Channels’ Film Zone turned the Latin America movie destination into something playful, colorful and warm. But a few years later, the network decided it wanted something “with the same spirit, but more modern and renovated,” said Ezequiel Rormoser, creative director at SuperEstudio, whose company worked with Fox on the 2009 rebrand and executed the 2D and 3D animation for this refresh.

SuperEstudio made the round Film Zone logo ball-like in both appearance and function, letting it bounce, swirl and spin through a series of enticing language blocks such as “Popcorn & Cine.” But while the logo’s stylin’ dance moves are fun, the real star of the refresh is the shape-shifting typography, which squiggles, leaps, explodes and bends with fluid grace through movie clips, program announcements and more. It’s a dazzling merge of form and function.

Fox, for its part, wanted “a branding that will work just with typography,” said Nicolás Sarsotti, art director for Fox Latin America, and Andre Takeda, VP of creative services for Fox Latin America (who chose to be quoted as a singular entity for this piece). “This was a decision we respected throughout the design process. The typography is design in itself. A type of design that communicated the value of words. That is the key to the success of this project.”

Lessons Learned: The experience for both companies was “a GREAT example of teamwork,” said Sarsotti and Takeda, with which Rormoser fully agreed:

“It was great teamwork,” said SuperEstudio’s creative director, “and this great result was achieved because there was a clear purpose from beginning to end.”