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Super Bowl XLVII TV Promo Roundup

by User Not Found | Feb 04, 2013
By Justin W. Sanders

As we have come to expect, this year's Super Bowl featured no shortage of memorable spots, from old stalwarts such as Budweiser and Taco Bell, and from surprising new contenders such as Oreo (who won the night overall, according to some analysts, thanks to a brilliant black-out tweet). Not surprising in the slightest was the fact that many of the best spots were TV promos, with work featuring big-deal product integrations, big-name directors such as David LaChapelle and other big game-worthy accoutrements. Check it all out below, in our Super Bowl XLVII TV promo roundup.

Famed director David LaChapelle served up this lavish spot for 2 Broke Girls, offering a bold, brassy taste of what the show does best: mix humor with sex appeal.

Here, The Big Bang Theory cannily replicates a typical high-octane NFL promo to typically hilarious effect. 

This clever Time Warner Cable/AMC integration brings The Walking Dead right into your home. Literally. 

Simple yet powerful, CBS' teaser for the upcoming Under The Dome smartly focused on the show's awesome website, which lets users enter an address to see the home/building of their choice get swallowed by the menacing dome.

For its new line of official Dunder Mifflin office supplies, produced a Super Bowl ad that makes very little sense at all. But there's a cat in it, so we're cool with it.

This mashup of hit CBS comedies is a marvel of editing, splicing a stream of audio-friendly clips into Stomp-esque rhythmic gold.

After David Letterman stunned the nation in 2010 with his last Super Bowl spot, in which he appeared on a couch with Oprah and Jay Leno, the legendary host returned to XLVII for a lower-key, yet still effective clip involving a simple game of catch.