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Gannett's Bold New Graphics Package

by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2013

By Justin W. Sanders

The big local TV rebranding news to kick off 2013 comes courtesy of Gannett, which has implemented a bold new graphics package uniting its more than 20 broadcast stations' newscasts. The updated design, drawing from a darker, glossier palate of red, gray, blue and black, also coordinates with "USA TODAY's" color scheme, thereby connecting Gannett's properties across multiple platforms.

New opens, accentuated in the first clip below, are big and flashy, dominated by reflective cubes and swirling lines that create momentum leading into the opening segment. From there, the visuals get much more pragmatic, with an array of boxes along the lower third of the screen announcing coming stories and delivering supplemental information. The headline text atop the display doesn't always match the preview text corresponding to it in the queue, resulting in a cognitive leap that confused my brain at times. But, we're still in the early stages of this new package, and the premise is sound. In time, Gannett's new look should provide a stylish and practical guide to the coming newscast, with stories ticking off in a timely and visually pleasing manner, pulling viewers along for sustained engagement.