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VIER-ing Into New Graphical Terrain: A Belgium Channel Rebrands

by User Not Found | Dec 18, 2012

By Jennifer Konerman

When Belgium’s VT4 rebranded as VIER, the network wanted to be viewed as credible and genuine, and reflect the country’s real character: “Modest and authentic – exclusive, but for everyone,” according to Ludovic Beun and Sofie Potvin of the VIER styling team.

The Flemish commercial channel’s name change came as part of a much broader deal earlier this year, in which De Vijver Media acquired VIER's parent company SBS Television and its portfolio of wide-ranging networks that also included MTV, Nickelodeon and Discovery. As VIER, the new entity was treated as a brand new channel – meaning it was in need of a new logo and completely new on-air graphics.

For the logo, branding agency Why Not Associates stepped in, creating an entirely new bespoke typeface (fittingly called Vier Regular) for the channel’s name, enclosed in an elegant circular shape reminiscent of an old television screen. Aiming for accompanying graphics that were authentic, fresh, contemporary and modest, VIER approached local Belgian artists and photographers to provide the background to its new logo.

“Every month, another artist shoots a series of ‘living photos’ – honest slices of life,” explained Beun. “Our idents are more than just a nice wallpaper with a logo. Each little clip needs to surprise, to move, to make you laugh.”

To that end, the rebrand is a living entity, refreshing each month with a new local artist's visualization of Belgian life. The cumulative graphical library creates “a unique document of contemporary life in Belgium,” said Andy Altmann, creative director at Why Not Associates.

VIER “breaks the rules as to how contemporary television is structured,” Altmann continued. “I think what I will take away from this project is the ever-questioning attitude of our client as to what is generally accepted to be the way things should be structured within television.” 

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