‘Who is Luke Cage?’ Asks Netflix

by Kristin Craik  |  09.23.2016

Netflix debuted this week a behind-the-scenes look at its upcoming series Marvel’s Luke Cage. Cast and crew provide insight into the show sharing Cage’s internal conflict between ‘his desire to live in the shadows” versus his motivation to protect his neighborhood using his own special abilities.

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Marvel’s Luke Cage follows after the events of Netflix’s previous series Jessica Jones, where Cage (Mike Colter) was first introduced. In the new series, Cage has relocated to Harlem in an effort to keep out of the spotlight. Soon after his move, he learns that Harlem is being run by Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, a nightclub owner/gun runner, and struggles with the decision between keeping his head down or helping the people of his neighborhood.

“He can’t just stand idly by and let things happen,” explains Colter.

Netflix promises that Marvel’s Luke Cage will be gritty and action-packed, set in the real world with characters that have their “feet firmly planted on the ground.” All thirteen episodes of the series drops on Netflix on September 30.

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