Lifetime Teases 'Lizzie Borden'

by Max Follmer  |  12.12.2014

​Christina Ricci is back as Lizzie Borden, and Lifetime is teasing her return in a new spot entitled “Time to Kill.”

Just wait until you get a look at Lizzie’s grandfather clock…

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles return to Lifetime in 2015. 


Vedia Ayvaz - Creative Director, Lifetime Brand Creative

Aaron Goldman - VP, Lifetime Brand Creative

Valerie Albanese - SVP, Lifetime Brand Creative 

Chris Kim – Production Manager, Lifetime Brand Creative

Edit – Ghost Edit 

Graphics – Lifetime Marketing – Jessica Miller, Stu Chudy

Sound Design – Soundbyte

Music – White Stripes “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”

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