HOT SPOT: Netflix's 'Fearless' Main Titles

by Brief Staff  |  09.02.2016

To open Netflix’s new documentary about bull-riding, Fearless, creative agency The Mill and production company 25/7 created a series of scenes that look like oil paintings, adding 3D and other effects to bring the concept to life.

Fearless, which follows a group of Brazilian bull-riders as they work their way from São Paulo to the world championships in Las Vegas, is available now for streaming on Netflix. 


Production Company: 25/7 Productions

Director: Michael John Warren

Executive Producer: Andrew Fried, David Broome, John Henion, Frank Salinas, Yong Yam,

VFX & Design: The Mill

Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Head of Production, Mill+: Elizabeth Newman

Producer: Sumer Zuberi

Production Coordinator: Anica Douglass

Creative Director: Clarice Chin

Art Director: Helen Hsu

Animation Lead: Justin Demetrician

Animation: Justin Demetrician, Tim Devlin, Viraj Ajmeri

Design: Alan Chen, Amy Graham, Helen Hsu

Colour: The Mill

Executive Producer, Colour: Thatcher Peterson

Colour Producer: Diane Valera

Colourist: Adam Scott

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