HOT SPOT: Main Titles for Disney Channel's 'Andi Mack'

by Brief Staff  |  04.24.2017

Disney Channel's new series, Andi Mack, tells the story of a 13-year-old girl who is surprised to learn her older sister is really her mother and her mother is really her grandmother.

For the series' main titles, creative agency AV Squad used a combination of live action and 3D modeling to capture the essence of the character and her knack for creating handmade arts and crafts. To accomplish the look and feel of the creative nature of Andi Mack and her unique world, elements were shot on set in  “Andi Land” for texture plates, and then built in Cinema 4D.

From painted ceramic mugs, to polaroids of her friends and family, most of the environment was created using CG, therefore it was crucial that all the elements within Andi World felt tangible and organic. Each background was custom built to reflect the personality of each character, and the smallest details, such as light flares, were created to maintain a warm and inviting experience. The end result is a uniquely creative and comforting environment that captures the true spirit of Andi Mack and her world.

Andi Mack premiered on the Disney Channel on Friday, April 7 at 8:30 p.m. ET.


Disney Channel

Executive Director: Vincent Arrico

VP Production: Amanda Ramey 

 AV Squad

Creative Director/Director: Peter McKeon

Vice President: Ashley Sewell

Creative Director: Jordan Hayman

Executive Producer: Teresa Antista

Director of Animation: Quico Encinias

Designer/Animator: Ricardo Silva 

Designer/Animator: Stanley Ng

Producer: Zack Lyall 

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