HOT SPOT: KXTV Sacramento 'Bla Bla Land'

by Brief Staff  |  02.28.2017

Inspired by now Oscar-winning movie La La Land, Tegna-owned KXTV Sacramento did a little production number of its own for the station’s a.m. show, Morning Blend.

Dressed in bold colors like Emma Stone and her friends in the movie, the video features Jason Miller, Ilana Blasingame, Rose Mendonca, Samuel Platz, Jason Knight, Hugh Gaskill, Steven Parmley, David Montgomery, Theresa Mier and Creative Director Drew Fowler. All of the talent sang in their own voices.

The spot was produced in a single shot — no edits — using a 25-foot jib and Ronin camera mount.

Becca Deterding provided the choreography, with dancers from Hundreds Unit Dance and Freeflow Parkour Academy. Killer Tracks provided the music bed, and the production was mostly fueled by coffee and gratitude.

The spot ran during the Oscars in Sacramento.


Tegna’s KXTV Sacramento

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