HOT SPOT: Fox’s Global #OutcastArt Campaign

by Cate Lecuyer  |  08.24.2016

To build anticipation for Fox’s June launch of Outcast, the network launched the global campaign #OutcastArt. The campaign involved commissioning 12 graffiti artists to create 12 pieces of art based on a storyboarded scene from episode one, drawn by Paul Azaceta—the artist behind the comics upon which the series, created by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead) is based.

From Sydney to Stockholm to Singapore, each mural representing one panel from the scene was unveiled over the course of a week in 12 cities around the world. Each piece was uploaded to the website (accessible outside the U.S.), where fans could access immersive content and watch the artwork unfold until all12 panels came together to create the complete comic book page.

Fox then launched a reveal video to bring the whole scene to life, and the campaign generated buzz in over 125 countries across the globe.

The promo video explains how it all came together.


FOX Networks Group

SVP of Global Marketing: Alexandra Marinescu

Marketing & PR Manager, Europe & Africa: Antoine Chapuy

Digital Manager: Rodrigo Bujan

Marketing Director, Germany: Karin Zipperling

Marketing Director, Italy: Davide Brunetti

Red Bee Agency

Creative Director: Ruth Shabi

Director: Emma Robinson

Digital Creative Director: Katrina Howell

Technical Director: Bharat Trivedi

Account Director: Francesca Chang

Producer: Emma Nichols

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