HOT SPOT: Conan's Not So Sure Apple AirPods Are the Best Idea

by Brief Staff  |  09.16.2016

TBS’ Conan took a trip down memory lane after Apple this week announced its latest innovation: AirPods, wireless earbuds. The many who use their iPhones as their music player met this news with some skepticism as it also means Apple will no longer include a headphone jack on iPhones, iPods and iPads, removing what may have been a more secure option.

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Conan being Conan, the show took no time to mock this, going back a decade to a fun Apple campaign for the iPod that featured dancing silhouettes. AirPods are making life a little hard for these dancing silhouettes, though. Only time will tell if real AirPod users experience the same issues.

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Network: TBS

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