HOT SPOT: CNN's 'This is Life with Lisa Ling'

by Brief Staff  |  09.09.2016

Lisa Ling returns to CNN with a new season of This Is Life, a docu-series that aims to take viewers on a gritty, breathtaking and emotional journey to the far corners of America.

In this spot, CNN placed Ling in various tableaus representing stories from this season and looked for ways to seamlessly transition from one to the next. The end result plays as a single take as we explore salacious, surprising, and fascinating scenes from the new season.


Allison Gollust, CMO, CNN Creative Marketing

Rick Lewchuk, Senior Vice President, CNN Creative Marketing

Whit Friese, Vice President, CNN Creative Marketing

Edward Reid, Creative Director, CNN Creative Marketing

Stephen Krill, Account Director, CNN Creative Marketing

Leah Hall, Sr. Writer/ Producer, CNN Creative Marketing

Dan Brown, Sr. Director, Production, CNN Creative Marketing

Robert Poulton, Sr. Director, Design, CNN Creative Marketing

Julie Bitton, Sr. Production Manager, CNN Creative Marketing

Maurice Marable, Director, Brim & Brew

Gary Romano, Executive Producer, Brim & Brew

Cat Craven- Griffiths, Producer, Brim & Brew

Lawrence Sher, DP, Brim & Brew

Brian Simmons, Editor, CNN Image & Sound

Josh Copp, Audio, Eggmen

Chris Gernon, Editor, Fugitives

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