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Creative Review: SuperEstudio

by Jennifer Konerman  |  06.17.2015

SuperEstudio, a decade into creating branding and animation for television brands around the world, is making moves.

The Buenos Aires-based studio just physically moved into a new office while it launches what it’s calling its B-side – La Mole, a division of SuperEstudio focused on live action, CGI and experimental work outside of the TV branding world.

Each year since the founding of SuperEstudio in 2002, Executive and General Creative Director Ezequiel Rormoser and his team have created roughly one project per year with no client and no commercial purpose. One short La Mole is working on, for example, is a trailer for a movie does that doesn’t exist.

Rormoser says they were passion projects that also happened to work as effective self-promotion in the Argentina branding industry.

The last short created by La Mole, called Inactivo, is below:

Before that, SuperEstudio had made a name for itself branding new networks, rebranding old ones and creating new looks for worldwide television brands in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Most recently, the studio launched branding for Fox+, a collection of channels Fox wanted to brand under one umbrella.

Seven channels (Fox 1, Fox Action, Fox Movies, Fox Cinema, Fox Comedy, Fox Family and Fox Classics) were branded under one graphics package, using color palettes that distinguish between them while maintaining a premium feel.

The challenge of creating one overall brand while simultaneously developing seven individual ones was compounded by a tight schedule and the client’s aim toward premium.

“They didn’t want to be similar to HBO, but they had to appeal to the same target, the same market,” said Rormoser. “Our plan was make a premium look and feel without it being too complex.”

Fox+ branding has launched across Latin America, with Brazil and Caribbean markets still to come.

SuperEstudio’s relationship with Fox goes back years to when the agency began working in TV and motion graphics. One of its first packages for Fox was a rebrand for FX Latin America.

The studio adapted the network’s look to a more modern package that allowed for more flexibility in its promo toolkit.

Inspired by the shape of an oval, SuperEstudio also branded Fox Sports International channels in early 2014.

The “Oval System” was based on the shape of stadiums, “where competitive sports lives, breathes and battles,” according to the team. The shape is the core of the logo, which takes on different forms in IDs and on-air graphics.

Taking on a much more minimalistic aesthetic, SuperEstudio worked with Discovery Channels on idents for TLC.

Using 3D animation, SuperEstudio broke apart the TLC logo to create icons of the channel’s genres – food, weddings, shopping, tattoos – using only the colors of the rectangular logo and TLC’s overall look.

Local Latin American brands have reached out to SuperEstudio often for contemporary looks or new brands. Latina Perú, a very popular free channel, did so recently in order to modernize the brand to keep up with changes in its programming and ownership.

“They wanted to make something modern but popular,” said Rormoser. “Usually those words don’t fit, especially for the Latin American market.”

The multiple PromaxBDA Award-winning studio is also now helping Fox International Channels to implement its recent rebrand in several regions worldwide, a project that has been rolling out for the past few months. The design studio also continues to create, define and shape international brands for channels in Latin America, Europe and Asia representing drama, premium TV, even anime content.

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