Brazilian Television Network SBT Celebrates 35-Year Anniversary

by Carmina Balaguer  |  10.13.2016

Achievements in vibrant colors, memories in black and white, and personalities who go back 35 years. Fusing both talent and color, the Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (Brazilian Television Network or SBT) celebrates its 35th anniversary.

To celebrate this milestone, Brazil’s second major television channel partnered with studio Publicis Brasil to create the campaign “SBT. Há 35 anos colorindo os seus dias” (SBT. 35 years coloring your days) with a focus on “the evolution and modernization process that the network has pursued in recent years, combining past and present,” says SBT Marketing Manager Priscila Stoliar.

In recent years “SBT has built an emotional and caring relationship with its viewers that goes beyond content consumption,” says Stoliar. To honor that connection, the station created a campaign that paints all of its indelible icons with a modern brush.

In the campaign, “viewers will learn a bit more about the evolution of the channel founded by Silvio Santos,” a leading and inspirational communicator in Brazil and “a person who has been able to reinvent himself over the years without losing his essence,” says Stoliar.

The festive and lively campaign brings its tagline to life through arresting visuals.

“Colors are a symbol of the joy, excitement and entertainment that the station has been offering Brazilian families for 35 years and that are fully in line with the pillars of SBT: family, entertainment and information,” says Stoliar. “It’s a statement that celebrates our maturity and strength, while we project a path towards new programs and younger audiences.”

SBT also refreshed its logo as part of the anniversary campaign, setting it in front of a colorful palette, and adding “35 years” and the tagline “the network fans root for.”

The logo “translates the feelings of our viewers, who refer to themselves as SBTistas and encourage and celebrate SBT’s achievements and accomplishments right along with the network,” says Stoliar. “[That engagement is] a strong attribute we decided to highlight in our communication [strategy] and that we want to keep in the long run.”

The campaign’s main piece is showcased in the spot Diversão (Fun), which merges old images with new. In it “the network stars are presented in a funny way,” with the faces and bodies of different personalities combined to “mix different eras,” says Stoliar.

One way the campaign brings that idea to life is by placing a TV set where the head of a celebrity should be, and then putting different celebrity faces on the TV set’s screen.

For example, the face of Carlos Alberto—an ‘80s host—appears with the body of Danilo Gentili—a current presenter. The piece features a modern version of the classic songThe Time of My Life,” implying that over the past 35 years, SBT has given Brazilian viewers the experience of their life.

The campaign, which began in August, will continue to run until the end of this year. It also includes off-air pieces that juxtapose vivid images of current SBT programs and their stars with black-and-white images from the past.

Other marketing assets developed for the occasion include licensed products, banners on city buses, a special edition of SBT Magazine, rebroadcasts of old programs, and an exhibition at the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) presenting the history of the channel and its founder Santos. The anniversary also includes a key digital component: a website featuring a timeline of the channel’s history and a gallery of photos and videos exclusively created for the campaign. On the site, SBT celebrities recount the most important events of the channel’s history.

As part of this initiative, the Homenagem (Tribute) section invites partners, artists and viewers to upload their own videos and photos via the TV SBT app to create a “making-of” video that shows behind-the-scenes moments from the network’s history.

“These emotional videos showcase the importance of SBT in the life of all those who helped to build the channel, both those who have grown professionally thanks to it and those who, from their homes, relate to the stories told and the programs run in the past or today,” says Stoliar, who notes that the network is actively pursuing a TV Everywhere approach, allowing its fans to watch it from anywhere on any device.

As SBT continues to further Silvio Santos’ legacy, Stoliar says “we are always reinventing ourselves without losing our essence.”

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