industry development / overview

PromaxBDA works closely with members and industry partners to design and execute education programs that support professionals at all stages of their career. Through an integrated program of academic outreach, workforce training, mentorship, leadership development and recruitment, PromaxBDA creates a pathway of professional growth experiences.

In an effort to build a stronger industry, PromaxBDA seeks to:

  • Foster a stronger connection with the industry and the academic community
  • Build a sustainable and inclusive pipeline of talent
  • Create rigorous and relevant professional development opportunities
  • Activate and support strong mentoring partnerships
  • Integrate volunteer engagement in the PromaxBDA member experience
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diversity council

The PromaxBDA Diversity Council is one of the driving bodies behind our Industry Development initiatives. Dedicated to building a more inclusive workforce, the Diversity Council is an industry collaborative of top marketing, creative services and human resources executives representing all major broadcast and cable networks.


  • Build strong, collaborative partnerships with academic institutions and diverse professional associations
  • Expose and prepare diverse talent communities for opportunities in media marketing
  • Build professional networks between industry executives and diverse creative and marketing talent


For more information, please contact Vice President of Industry Development and Diversity, Katerina Zacharia at or 310.789.1523.

industry development questions

For questions or how to get involved today please contact:

Katerina Zacharia

VP Membership & Development

tel: +1 310.789.1523